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The cosmetic industry has brought us many ways to constantly improve our skin. Nowadays it is considered a "beauty crime" not to take advantage of the countless ingenious products that cross the borders of science and beauty.

There are those who believe that beautiful ageless skin is but a bottle of cream away hence, the endless quest for products that either give minimal results, if at all, or some exceptional ones that do deliver what they promise, sometimes with astounding results. Beauty buzzwords that never fail to ring up sales are "cell rejuvenation," "organic," "antiaging," etc.

Dr. Brandt Skin Care Products

Mention the word facelift and what comes to mind are procedures that range from the relatively complicated, which require a six week back and forth trip to a professional cosmetologist, to the easy "at home" remedies. Women in their 30's are lucky to be living in the age of feather lifts and the amazing Botox as compared to their counterparts back in the '80s whose only option is risky surgical facelifts.

Consequently, those in the profession of "beauty" have become stars themselves. Take for instance Dr. Vicky Belo, "Doctor to the Stars" Dr. Joel Mendez and the latest to create such a buzz among metropolitan sophisticates, Dr. Pierre Clero. Others, who have created skincare lines bearing their names have likewise gained such a loyal following like Howard Murad, Louis Widmer and Rene Guinot.

So far, only Murad and Widmer have been to the Philippines to share their expertise and promote their product lines. We have yet to hear from renowned US cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, who has his own line of antiaging skincare and authored Age-less, The Definitive Guide to Lasers, Peels, and other solutions for flawless skin, a top selling anti-aging manual in the US.

Dr. Brandt's love of skincare was said to have started at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York where he specialized in the research and treatment of leukemia. He dedicated his studies to using natural elements to fight against the growth of cancer. Green tea and vitamins A and C became studied treatments under Dr. Brandt's expert eye and would be the basis of his future skincare line.

Brandt's Crease Release Cream

For immediate softening of lines around the mouth, Brandt's Crease Release Cream will gives an instant smoothing effect lessening the appearance of tiny fine lines. This can be used regularly to soften lines, but you will also find great results with our r3p cream, an anti-aging treatment and Lineless and C Cream, which contain powerful anti-oxidants.

To bring the glow back to your skin, Brandt offers his own "microdermabrasion in a jar" which will exfoliate dead skin cells smoothing texture of skin.

A board certified member of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Dermatology, Brandt sees himself not only as a physician, but also as an artist, as he helps patients sculpt the younger demeanor they seek with a variety of non-invasive procedures, many of which he pioneered and perfected himself.

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