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It seems we can hardly get enough of these miracle workers. Although some are luxe brands that can cost an arm and a leg, demand for such products are ever so high in the beauty market. That said, cosmetics brand are now offering new formulations that not only promise to erase wrinkles but whiten the skin as well. Welcome news for women who live in the tropics and are constantly exposed to the fierce sun.

So, whether you're a stay at home mom who is constantly exposed to indoor skin aggressors such as fluorescent lighting or out playing with your kids in the afternoon sun (photo ageing), or a working mom glued to your computer screen eight hours a day (UV radiation), there are creams to help you fight ageing and turn back the hands of time. Here we reveal the latest antiaging creams for every budget and the real deal behind these products:

Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale P25,000

Their claim: Skin becomes more youthful and softer in just two weeks. The face is rejuvenated and wrinkles disappear. Its back up: The longevity of the orchid is transformed into a product devoted to protecting and regenerating skin cells, preserving supple skin.

L'Oreal Revitalift White Whitening Spot and Wrinkle Corrector

Their claim: It is the first antiwrinkle essence that also fights brown spots. Its back up: Three powerful ingredients that act against the first signs of ageing namely: nanosomes of pro retinal A that penetreate skin and stimulate cell renewal; prolastyl to fight the deterioration of the elastin fiber, for a firmer smoother skin and; melanin block to reduce brown spots for a radiant luminous complexion

Artistry Time Defiance + Wild Yam Treatment

Their claim: An intensive wrinkle treatment that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 58%, especially around the eyes. Its back up: Contains 5% Nutrilite-approved L-ascorbic vitamin C and 15% exclusive wild yam, known for its hydrating benefits on mature skin.

Sara Lee Nutrimetrics Restore Anti-Ageing Moisturising Creme (around P3,000)

Their claim: Promote firmness from within Its back up: BioPhytox, a patented ingredient enriched with Hibiscus plant derivatives, has been clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing by penetrating the skin's surface, to stabilize skin movement and firmness from within.

VMV Glykeros Micro Dermabrasion, Cellular Revitalisation, Anti-Senescence System (P2,300)

Their claim: Revitalises skin, promotes sustained renewal and delivers multiple anti-senescent benefits. Its back up: This advanced lift peel contains amplified concentrations of both the impressive Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic Acid, in its unbuffered form to maximise the efficacy of its Micro Dermabrasion, and Kinetin, a unique Growth Factor so potent, even minute amounts can stimulate cells.

Clarins White Plus Skin Renew Whitening range

Their claim: In just three weeks, skin will be born again. Its back up: A rare lotus extract and Glistin, an active sequence of amino-acids, effectively counters the signs of aging while a guava extract rich in Vitamin C provides advanced whitening action.

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